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Free feature-filled weather app

MyRadar is a free application that gives you real-time weather reports for locations around the world. You can keep the forecast and detailed data focused on your current location or search different areas across the globe. The freeware is developed and published by ACME Atron-O-Matic LLC for Amazon Alexa, Android, Apple iOS, and Microsoft Windows PC computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc.

What is MyRadar?

MyRadar app is a customizable weather software program that packs features and important information. You can see the animated weather radar on the worldwide map, as it displays the forecasted path of rain, snow, etc. MyRadar is a freemium program that lets you upgrade to the premium edition for access to additional content.

Comprehensive service

The MyRadar for PC can feel overwhelming. The software becomes easy to use once you understand the icon bar located at the bottom of the user interface. There is an information hub that you can pull down from the top of the screen. You can also choose the target area by clicking on the arrow button in the lower-left corner of the UI.

There is a magnifying glass that you can click on to search for a specific point on the world map. You can press on the cross icon to take you to your current location. The second button on the menu bar allows you to select a map type. You can toggle between the ‘Flat’ and ‘Globe’ views of the planet.

There are three main maps: ‘Gray’, ‘Roads’, and ‘Aerial’. The ‘Gray’ radar map is the basic design. The ‘Roads’ and ‘Aerial’ maps deliver more detailed views. You will need to buy the pro version to access the aviation charts that let you track flight plans and see AIRMETs and SIGMETs. You can explore the planet Mars in the maps tab.

Next to that tab is the layers menu. The layers area lets you completely customize your user experience. You can change the active layer at the top of the screen by clicking on an image: ‘Classic’, ‘Hi Def’, ‘Temp Map’, and ‘Per Station’. The ‘Classic’ choice is the typical radar design. The ‘Hi Def’ enhances the functionality of the standard layout.

There are a variety of tiers that you can add to the map: ‘Air Quality’, ‘Earthquakes’, ‘Temperatures’, ‘Wildfires’, ‘Warnings and Watches’, etc. You can tap on each title to go deeper into the settings of each layer. If you want to place a layer on the map, then you can switch on the button to the right.

Accurate hurricane tracking

While you can track severe weather in the free download, the paid version delivers the best monitoring overview of natural disasters: hurricanes, tropical storms, etc. If you want to watch storms during the hurricane season, then you can use certain layers to give you more insight into the nature of the storm: ‘Winds’, ‘Clouds’, ‘Radar’, and ‘Hurricane Tracker’.

There are two choices in the ‘Winds’ layer: ‘Surface Winds’ and ‘Jet Streams’. You can see the circulation, location, size, and strength of the wind activity with this layer. The ‘Clouds’ layout shows satellite imagery to let you know where clouds and water vapor are positioned on the map.

You can use the ‘Radar’ layer to see the amount of precipitation and animate the storm along the projected course. The ‘Hurricane Tracker’ tier is available with the Pro upgrade. You can read a complete rundown of any active hurricanes when you click on the storms: the name, pressure, speed, etc.

What is the best free weather radar?

AccuWeather, Dark Sky, NOAA Weather Radar Live, and RadarScope are similar weather apps. AccuWeather has the most user-friendly interface and is ideal for daily use. The free software can predict precipitation by the minute.

NOAA Weather Radar Live is a freemium service that lets you save multiple places on the map to your app. The premium edition lets you receive alerts for a limitless number of destinations. Both MyRadar and NOAA have advertisements in the free version.

Dark Sky and RadarScope are paid platforms. Dark Sky displays an immense amount of information in a simple, clean user interface. RadarScope is a great option for experts like meteorologists, etc. RadarScope features the highest-quality radar resolution for touchscreen phones.

A popular weather forecast software

MyRadar is a helpful application that lets you stay informed on the current weather conditions in your area and around the world: the United States, Europe, India, etc. You can monitor the weather maps for hurricane activity, tornados, etc.

What’s new?

The developers release consistent software updates for both the free and paid versions. You can visit their official website to read about their privacy policy, product information, etc.


  • Cross-platform
  • Real-time tracking
  • Weather notifications
  • Additional upgrades available


  • Displays ads
  • Cluttered user interface

Also available in other platforms

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MyRadar for PC

  • Free

  • In English
  • V Varies with device
  • 3.8

  • Security Status

User reviews about MyRadar

  • Matt

    by Matt

    While I do use this on my Android Smartphone, really wished this was also available on all if not most Linux Distros.

  • Robert K Tompsett

    by Robert K Tompsett

    I use MyRadar on Android, and my Kindle Fire. Works great!!!! But I would like to run MyRadar on my desktop, but I run Linux Mint OS, with  More

  • Jjunju Suuna

    by Jjunju Suuna



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